Jonny Dyas takes the Acoustic Revolutions 3 acoustic guitar rhythm instrument for Kontakt by Impact Soundworks for a spin in a new overview video from Audio Plugin Deals.

Acoustic Revolutions 3 is a Kontakt Instrument that provides access to a massive collection of playable acoustic guitar rhythms. Personally, this is something I really need. Although I revere the sound of the guitar, I have never been able to play the guitar well enough to make recordings worthy of the instrument.

As the guitar is one of the most common and loved instruments of all time, not being able to have good sounding guitar tracks has been slowing me down. Fortunately, my guitar troubles may be behind me with Acoustic Revolutions 3. After spending just 5 minutes with this Kontakt Instrument I was able to create better guitar music than all the hours I spent trying to master the guitar.

Regularly $99 USD, Acoustic Revolutions 3 is currently on sale at Audio Plugin Deals for $89.99 USD. Rewards money can be used to get the price down to as low as $69.99 USD.

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