K-Devices has released a new toolset of modulators for Ableton Live.

Modulators 21 is a set of 6 new Max For Live modulators. It includes tools users already are familiar with, like LFOs (but enriched with exclusive features), a gesture sequencer, 2 devices for modulation routing, and 1 device for modulation to CV conversion.

The tools can be operated easily, but can also lead to complex, rich, and (why not) unexpected results.

KNOR – A gestures sequencer
KNOR is a playful device, oriented toward improvisation and performance, but useful in a studio/writing context as well. Four knobs allow the user to record a free hand gesture each, controlling the modulation target either by triggering knobs 1-4 manually or by sequencing them at a given time resolution, with chance percentage adding a bit of unpredictability.

LFOH! – Advanced LFO
LFOH! is capable of all of the classic LFO modulations, but it’s also able to push them beyond the standard boundaries. It’s the right tool to use when aiming for some custom cyclical modulation oscillator, with the most advanced features.

LFOO – A complex oscillator LFO
Two continuously morphable waveforms are processed by some usual (phase, amp, etc…) and unusual (swing, squeeze, bend) parameters. Each oscillator acts as an independent modulation source. A third modulation source is derived by the result of selectable operations between the first and the second waveform. The user can set up to three modulation targets. Each target can get its own source either from oscillators 1 or 2, the third waveform (operations between 1 and 2) and a noise generator. In addition to classic min, max and smooth parameters, two of the targets offer a delay while the first one offers an integrated sample and hold circuit.

Sources – Modulation routing
This device lets the user map three modulation sources to the three knobs and generate a new complex modulation source, by carrying out math operations and DSP processing between them.

Targets – Modulation routing
With Targets, the user can map a modulation source, from any Max For Live modulator device, and route its signal up to six targets. Each target can process the shared source in different ways, creating a complex network of synced but different modulations.

Voltage – Modulation to CV
Easy and flexible, Voltage is the smartest way to route any modulation signal out to the external world as CV, Gate, or Trig. With 3 color schemes, Voltage offers quick visual feedback for patching cables or gears.

Available for the introductory price of 34 EUR, Modulators 21 for Ableton Live 10 or 11 is a fully charged pack with 69 presets, 50 clips, and 6 Live instruments to let users immediately enjoy the power and the flexibility of these new tools.

The offer is valid until June 27th, 2021 (regular price 49 EUR).

More information: K-Devices