kakl AudioParlour has released a free public beta of The Marauder, a distortion effect plug-in.

The Marauder

A unique distortion plugin which can range from transparent to seriously mangling the signal.

In basic terms, the signal hits a pre-amp stage (Drive), which is then distributed between two uniquely modelled VCAs, both of which can be driven to extreme overdrive (Gain A/B) – with a FB-compressor style envelope controlling the distribution between those two circuits.

The final stage is a time-domain model, utilizing some physical modelling and dynamic convolution which can also be driven hard, adding beef and a certain ‘physicality’ to the sound as you might get with traditional IRs, but somewhat more ‘alive’ (in our estimation)

The Marauder features

  • Analog inspired distortion.
  • Four unique gain stages.
  • Goes from subtle to extreme.
  • Organic, syrupy sounds.
  • Contour your overdrive with a feedback-compressor styled envelope.

The beta of the Marauder is currently available for Windows (32-bit VST). 64-bit and AU/RTAS support is in development. The final retail version will cost approximately $50 USD.

More information: kakl AudioParlour