Karanyi Sounds has launched a promotion on the Vapor Keys 2, offering a 50% discount on the Kontakt library featuring classic, 90s-inspired sounds recorded on authentic analog and digital synths.

Vapor Keys 2’s includes over 90 presets with a focus on genres such as Trap, Glitch Hop, Lo-Fi, Vaporwave, Retrowave, and other modern music genres.

Remember those shiny, glitchy, vintage sounds and waving synthesizer beds from the 90s TV ads and videogames? Or the melting themes from movies like Miami Vice, Beverly Hills, or GTA Vice City?

Well, Vapor Keys 2 instantly brings you back in time: a unique Kontakt 6 collection of carefully recorded FM and analog classics. Taste the luxury of the 90s. If your outrun soundtrack is in need of some old-school flair this is where you should start!

Vapor Keys 2 features

  • 90+ Factory presets.
  • Sounds from 5 classic synths (Super JV, Juno 106, JX & 8P & Yamaha DX11).
  • 4 Easy-to-Access FX (2 EQ, Phaser & Chorus).
  • Recorded in 96kHz, 24bit (converted to 48kHz, 24bit for Kontakt 6).
  • 1.6 GB total size (3.1 GB uncompressed).

The sample library for Kontakt 6.2.2 or higher (full version) is on sale at Plugin Boutique for $19 USD until August 31st, 2021 (regular $50 USD).

The Vapor Collection which contains both Vapor Keys volumes is only $39 USD during the promotion (regular $70 USD).

More information: Karanyi Sounds