KarmaFX Synth Modular

KarmaFX has released version 0.99 beta of KarmaFX Synth Modular. This version will expire October 2007.

Changes in v0.99 BETA

  • Added auto-pitchbend to “Tune” knob in NotePitch module
  • Enable by clicking on “Enable pitchbend” in right click menu and choose the desired range
  • Changed internal buffer size to reduce overall memory usage (Unfortunatly this change requires a full install, online update won’t work)
  • Added Stereo module with left/right volume control and -0dB, -3dB, -4.5dB and -6dB pan law panning
  • Added external waveform (.wav) import feature to the Additive module
  • Wav files can now be dragged and dropped onto the sampler module and the Additive module to load/import external samples
  • The Sampler can also load multiple files this way
  • Added support for module presets. Right click on caption to activate the caption popup and choose “Presets” to access the presets submenu
  • Presets are stored in KarmaFX_Synth/Presets and named according to module class and type
  • Changed “KarmaFX SFX” bank name to “KarmaFX Effect” (for input effects) and added “KarmaFX SoundFX” bank for synth sound effects
  • Added extra external waveforms to the Additive module
  • Added Pad module (inspired by Paul Nasca’s padsynth algorithm), which features Bandwith and Bandwith Scale controls, and where it’s possible to edit waveform, harmonic magnitude, harmonic profile and the overall frequency response curve
  • New patches
  • Many bugfixes

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