KarmaFX Synth

KarmaFX Synth is part of the Plugin pack 1.4 which is now ready for download.

Besides improvements to the KarmaFX Synth the plugin pack now also includes the KarmaFX Reverb (Yes, finally!).
One of the synths main new features is its new step sequencer (as promised). Full list of changes to the synth is listed below.

KarmaFX Synth 0.90b BETA changes:

  • Added step sequencer with adjustable number of steps (1 to 32), individual steptime, offset and slope for each step. Support for tempo change, loop/wrap and snap (when patched into integral controls).
  • Right channel in stereo components could contain uninitialized data. Fixed.
  • Resonance control was flipped for the notch output in SVF Filter. Fixed.
  • Multipoint Envelope did work correctly in polyphonic mode. Fixed.
  • Lfo would sometimes return unitialized data. Fixed.
  • Modulation scale for large range knobs (e.g. the note and octave knobs) was wrong. Fixed.
  • Zipper noise in distortion unit. Fixed.
  • Squashed more denormal bugs.
  • GUI: Added time/position display to multipoint envelope when moving control points.
  • GUI: Modulating Multipoint Envelope controls glitched the env. display. Fixed.
  • GUI: Using menu separators could screw up the patch menu. Fixed.
  • Added some new cool patches (special thanks to Flos for sharing his patch bank !)

More information and downloads available at the KarmaFX website.