Kazrog has announced the release of Thermionik 5, an amp modeling suite that includes 25 models, spanning all eras of electric guitar tone.

Kazrog Thermionik 5

Thermionik is Kazrog’s growing suite of guitar amp modeling plug-ins, designed for tonal accuracy and control, and for emulating a wide range of guitar amplifiers spanning all eras of electric guitar from vintage to modern.

Each amp model is its own separate plugin. Thermionik amp model plug-ins are designed to be used in conjunction with Recabinet – but you can use any other cabinet simulation plugin.

All Thermionik plugins support Mac OS X and Windows platforms, VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats. Each plugin has an options panel that includes options such as preamp and poweramp bypass toggles, wet/dry processing ratio, +/- 24dB input level adjustment, 6 emulation quality levels, force mono (useful in stereo-only hosts), and more.

Thermionik 5 is available for purchase for $219.99 USD. Smaller 5-plug-in bundles are available for $49.99 USD each.

More information: Kazrog / Thermionik 5