Kazrog has announced an update to all of its audio plugins. True Iron, KClip 3, True 252, True Dynamics, AmpCraft – 1992, and Synth Warmer now all support Apple Silicon Native AAX in Pro Tools.

Changes to oversampling settings are refreshed on the fly (rather than on session reload), and PluginDoctor has been added as a supported host. SDKs and frameworks have been updated for expanded host compatibility.

Additionally, the following plugins include individual fixes and enhancements:

  • True Iron v1.3.3:
    • Resolved low frequency echo issue that occurred in some DNA models when feeding momentary low frequency transients (e.g. 808 kicks) into the plugin.
    • Newly expanded oversampling settings (up to 32x).
  • AmpCraft – 1992 v1.0.2:
    • Eco mode: this option substantially reduces CPU usage during realtime monitoring (up to 70%), with minimal change to the sound.
  • KClip v3.5.1:
    • Completely rewritten visualizer, is more performant on a wide variety of systems.
    • Font changed for more visual clarity.

The updates are available to download from the Kazrog website.

More information: Kazrog