Keyfax Colombian Beats Collection

Keyfax NewMedia has released Colombian Beats Collection, a MIDI library of Columbian rhythms.

Recorded live in Bogota by producer Rubio and percussionist Andres Rodriguez, Colombian Beats comprises Atlantic & Pacific coastal rhythms including Puya and the Mapale that are used in traditional Colombian carnival, and modern beats used by the likes of Grupo Niche, Fruko y sus Tesos, and Orquesta Guayacan.

Colombian Beats Collection features

  • More than 50 unique Colombian beats in MIDI; royalty-free.
  • Everything played by live musicians – with no quantizing.
  • SMF format with standard GM mapping.
  • Multiple styles, including Cumbia, Mapale, Salsa, Bambuco, Son Corrido, and many more.
  • Separate fills included.
  • Formats: SMF (.mid), Motif (w3p), Motif ES (w7p), Motif XS (xo).

Colombian Beats Collection is available as an instant download for $39.95 USD.

Visit Keyfax for more information and some audio demos.