King OZ Records has announced a new version in the Esquire limiter series. DSPplug Esquire3 features an improved algorithm combining LU and dBFS detection, so as to ensure real-time detection (LU with its lack of early bass results in slower detection).

The Esquire3 also sports a true peak limiter, this brick wall device will limit to -1.1 / 1.0 dBTP without failing. The result is a limiter with an attack and release that can sculpt sound, providing a smoothing effect.

Version 1.5 has been well tested and the GUI is coded and optimized in pure ruby and no graphic is moving faster than refresh/fps rate. The DSP has been heavily optimized and modified to avoid any clicks and pops during utilization (though when switching from one mode to the next, there will likely be a volume difference).

Quick and nimble and very professional sounding, the DSPplug CEO Robert E. Langford assures that this product is ready for professional application and will sound exactly like extremely expensive hardware, due to intensive testing and real-world application.

Version 1.5 is now available as a free download for Windows (64bit VST/VST3).