Cinematique Instruments brings “Alternative Energy” with the introduction of 5 new Klang series instrument libraries for Kontakt.

This month KLANG will electrify you with 5 new Electronic Instruments! This month’s newcomers are based on electrified organic instruments, electro-mechanical instruments and simple oscillators with a lot of character. Have fun!

Available to purchase for 8 EUR ex. VAT each, the new libraries are:

  • 808 Bass: Have you ever dreamed of using an 808 without worrying about pitch, timbre or glide options? We got you! This instrument is the result of transferring the classic hip-hop 808 sound into a Kontakt instrument.
  • 808 Kick: One of the most significant difficulties for a producer is to properly match the kick with the bass. Fortunately, we can take this work off your hands. The six kicks you get here match perfectly to the six basses of 808 Bass.
  • Cemba Waves: The Cembalet is a soft sibling of the clavinet from the 50s. We maximized the dreaminess with a layer of granular waves and a soft attack option. Cemba Waves washes away all other thoughts.
  • Flageolet Fudge: We recorded harmonics from a guitar with percussive elements and mixed them with a synthesizer consisting of an MS20 and a VCS3. Combining the two creates a new soundscape in which the organic and analog sound worlds merge.
  • Frozen Fuzz: To create infinite textures and pads, we put guitars through three different fuzz machines, flipped the result and merged it with itself. The combination of sounds and the changing timbre of the pads provide a unique characteristic and variety over time.

More information: Klang