Klanghelm has updated its DC8C advanced compressor effect plug-in to version 1.1.

From opto style, peak compression, external sidechaining, RMS compression, Feedback, Feedforward compression (and everything inbetween) to negative ratios, zero latency brickwall limiting, from snappy transient treatment to smooth transient rounding – everything is possible.

Klanghelm DC8C compressor

Klanghelm’s clear, smooth, open, and distinct compressor plug-in DC8C

Changes in DC8C v1.1

  • OS X: better behavior of the switches.
  • Fix: SC-HPF in EASY mode is working now.
  • Slightly cleaner GUI, better readability of the value displays.
  • All four EASY mode styles are zero latency now.
  • Redesigned sidechain filters.
  • GR meter now reflects actual gain reduction and attack/release times.
  • New: soft bypass (by clicking at the meters, smooth transition from compressed to clean signal and vice versa).
  • New: sidechain listen (incl. filters).
  • New: external sidechain.

DC8C for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for the introductory price of 20 EUR.

More information: Klanghelm / DC8C