Klevgränd has announced the release of Undertoner, a free app that allows you to put music to your films.

The app is powered by AudioCue, a new generation music engine that focuses on adaptive music. It uses a unique technology to instantly re-write the music to fit your film.

About a year ago we started to work on a new concept that would let anyone do just this: add music that adapts to their videos, to fit & enhance the storyline perfectly. Today, we’re releasing Undertoner, an app that lets you put music to your films, choose between different musical themes, pin-pointing a dramatic climax, adding sound effects and choose among alternative musical endings.

The music is instantly re-written to fit each storyline. All is possible thanks to our own music-driven audio engine called AudioCue. AudioCue focuses on adaptive music, and its primary usage has been been for interactive environments such as games and real-time interactions.

Undertoner puts a far more complex music engine into a more simpler and linear context, and we’re really proud of the result. Undertoner iPhone app will continuously be updated with new music and new functions. We don’t really know what direction this project will take, but we hope that we in the future will be able to open up for anyone to write music to Undertoner. This is where you come in :-)

We want to create a new place where music and film can meet. Hope you want to take part in it!

Undertoner for iOS is available for download at the App Store.

More information: Klevgränd / Undertoner