releases Knobster Bundle

Knobster Bundle has released the Knobster Bundle, a collection of Knobster’s previously released plug-ins and sample packs.

Knobster Bundle includes

  • Seven instrument plug-ins:
    • MeowSynth
    • Lo-Fi Plastic Piano
    • Organaut
    • KeyWriter
    • BeatVox
    • Slitch
    • MelloFAN
  • Two sample packs:
    • LO-FI Cinematic Grooves vol.1
    • LO-FI Cinematic Grooves vol.2

The Knobster Bundle is available as a free download (included plug-ins are VST instruments for Windows PC).

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What’s your opinion of the legality of these samples? They sound great – but I wonder. I ran the site through Google Translate but couldn’t find any disclaimers…