Kong Audio ChineeKong V2+

Kong Audio has released Chineekong V2+, an updated version of Chineekong V2, featuring an additional 170 MB content of new gongs, cymbals, drums and other Chinese percussion instruments.

ChineeKong V2+ features

  • 850 MB of professionally recorded sample content.
  • Six main categories: Luo (Gongs), NaoBo (Cymbals), GuZu (Drum sets), BanBang (Wood Percussion), ZhongLing (Bells), and QiTa (MISC), divided into a total number of 50 subsets.
  • 10 channel multitimbrality.
  • 10 independent outputs.
  • Master effects (bypass-able).

Chineekong V2+ is available as a VST plug-in for Windows for $88 USD (the update is free for existing ChineeKong V2 customers).

A free Kong loop pack is available here (Note: ChineeKong itself is NOT a loop collection).

Visit Kong Audio for more information and audio demos.