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KResearch releases 4 effect plug-ins

KResearch KR-Delay VST

KResearch has released 4 VST effect plug-ins: KR-Delay, KR-Flanger, KR-Chorus and KR-Phaser.

KR-Delay features include an adjustable delay time from 0 to 1 second and adjustable feedback from 0 to 100%
KR-Flanger uses High Quality interpolated delays, has an adjustable rate frequency from 0.5 to 7Hz and adjustable LFO depth from 0 to 100%
KR-Chorus uses High Quality interpolated delays, has dual LFO’s (rate adjustment from 0.1 to 6Hz and 0.17 to 10.2Hz) and adjustable LFO depth from 0 to 100%
KR-Phaser features an adjustable rate from 0.1 to 5Hz, adjustable depth from 0 to 100%, feedback control from 0 to 100% and a center frequency adjustment.

Furthermore, all KResearch plug-ins feature:

  • Dry/Wet Mix adjustment
  • Output adjustment from -20dB to +6dB
  • Host Sampling Frequency up to 96KHz
  • support for User definable presets (Save & Load) via Host interface

Visit KResearch for more information and links to download the plug-ins.

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