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KV331 Audio SynthMaster updated to v2.6.8

KV331 Audio SynthMaster

KV331 Audio has released version 2.6.8 of its SynthMaster virtual synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

SynthMaster is an ‘all-around’ semi-modular software synthesizer and effect plug-in that features many different synthesis methods.

This update brings a new feature that’s been requested by our users: Being able to mark presets as ‘Favorites’ so that they can be loaded easily. There are also critical fixes in this update.

Changes in SynthMaster v2.6.8

  • NEW: Option to mark presets as ‘Favorites’.
  • NEW: SynthMaster User Manual updated.
  • FIX: Renaming a preset and then reloading again crashes SynthMaster.
  • FIX: Loading partial presets dont cause a refresh of the GUI until it is closed and reopened.
  • FIX: Waveform cache data is different between 32/64bit versions, causing issues when both versions are used on the same computer.
  • FIX: Pressing on ‘Online’ button to bring up online presets list crashes SynthMaster.
  • FIX: SynthMaster reverts waveforms in presets to default Sine wave when the preset is loaded more than once.
  • FIX: SynthMaster might crash the host application when the GUI is open and automated parameters are being updated by the host.
  • FIX: When an instance of SynthMaster is destroyed and then recreated again by the VST host, the instance might not be initialized correctly and might crash the host.
  • FIX: Changing discrete parameters values might not set the parameter value correctly when running under Ableton Live.
  • FIX: SynthMaster doesnt set default preset folder correctly when user saves a preset.
  • FIX: SynthMaster doesnt read WAV files correctly when format chunk size is not 16.
  • FIX: Renaming presets dont rename the preset file.

SynthMaster is available to purchase at a 30% discount until September 1st, 2013. Registered users can update free of charge.

More information: SynthMaster

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