discoDSP Bundle Giveaway

KVR Audio has launched a discoDSP Bundle Giveaway, a chance to win a bundle of 6 discoDSP plug-ins, a $399 USD / 299 EUR value.

The discoDSP Bundle is a full package with top of the line plug-ins able to provide unique sounds to music productions.

You get:

  • Discovery Pro – 128 voice 12 oscillators VA + WAVE + PADSynth re-synthesizer. Imports and exports Nord Lead 2 SysEx.
  • Corona – Virtual Analog + WAVE synthesizer.
  • Vertigo – 256 oscillators Additive WAVE re-synthesizer.
  • HighLife – Sampler with new generation ZDF filters and best sound quality.
  • Phantom – 4 operators FM synth with Yamaha DX27 / DX21 / DX100 / TX81 SysEx import.
  • ThrillMe – Multi effect unit including multi band compression, magic EQ and limiter.

The giveaway contest closes at January 7th, 2015.

More information: discoDSP Bundle Giveaway