KX77FREE has released version 1.5 of the Kx-PolyMod virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer with stereo SF2 player. To build analog 70’s leads!

Changes in Kx-PolyMod v1.5

  • Improved reset of the voices (filters and oscillators).
  • Levels of the harmonics before the cut off no longer decrease when the resonance is high (lp or bp, 18,12, 6).
  • A soft Tanh process has been implemented in some d* filters, the signal is modified by the Tanh process following the input level (produces less distortion).
  • Four SV filters (lp, hp, bp, notch) added with the possibility to adjust the number of poles of the slope (2 to 4, 12dB to 24 dB).
  • Two CS70M filters added (lp, hp), a special version of the SV filter with the same limits found in the tests: the cut off limited to 7040hz (9 volts) and the resonance level limited to 0.88.
  • GUI tool added: you can change the joystick background color to identify your plug-in if you have a session with many plug-ins used.
  • The internal help text has been modified to correct some errors and to update the test values.
  • The cut off of the MgL2 filter was false, the values used were not those of the oversampled filters. Fixed.
  • In some cases, the F1-F2 mix multiplied the stereo Vcf output by 0, causing abnormal CPU use. Fixed.

Kx-PolyMod for Windows (VST) is a free download.

More information: KX77FREE / Kx-PolyMod