KX77FREE has updated KXOMNI-600-U3 to v1.28.

Changes since v1.22

  • new version of the KX LPF filter: choice between several resonance curves: Off, Lo, Hi, Hi+, SE, Lo+
  • velocity controlled delay time of envelopes EG1 and EG2 added
  • frequency of the LFO oscillators can be synchronised with tempo
  • frequency of the second oscillator is adjustable with an offset
  • tooltips for complex parameters (in English)
  • preset bank now contains 76 presets
  • correction of minor bugs and assignment of midi controllers to the principal parameters
  • correction of midi bugs and the Kxdelay is now initialized during the Prg Change

Visit KX77FREE for more information and a link to download KXOMNI-600-U3 v1.28.