Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on the Leapwing Audio StageOne, an effect plugin that enhances the soundstage of your stereo mix, and even brings your mono recordings to life.

Need to open up a stereo mix, individual drums, piano or guitars and making them wider without sounding phasey and keeping mono-compatibility? Or add depth to dry recordings without changing the tone or timbre? Or turn a mono instrument recording into stereo, much bigger than ever before? It’s possible now!

StageOne features

  • Width: Width ‘stretches’ the stereo field, off-center content will move towards and beyond the speakers. Phantom center is left untouched, everything around it gets stretched or remapped to a wider stereo field.
  • Depth: Depth adds directionally optimised reflections to create an enhanced sense of depth in the sound field.
  • Mono Spread: Mono spread utilises a unique filter design to convert a mono signal into a pseudo-stereo signal.
  • Simple yet Beautiful Design: Beautiful Retina interface with unique design, focused on the optimal workflow.

StageOne is on sale for 119 USD/EUR until February 7th, 2023 (regular 199 USD/EUR). The plugin comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats.

More information: Leapwing Audio