Prepared Rhodes

Les Productions Zvon has released Battery 3 and Kontakt 3 versions of Prepared Rhodes, a sample library featuring the sounds of a prepared electric piano.

It’s a real Rhodes that is prepared as John Cage and others prepared an acoustic piano, that means you insert springs, plastic tubes, pins, etc., all kinds of objects inside the piano. These objects when touching the strings or the tines change the sound of each key played. All the notes can be radically different from each other and often you don’t even recognize the original sound. You get an instrument that is much more percussive in nature.

Prepared Rhodes for Battery 3/Kontakt 3

  • Over 115 kits/patches (wav files included).
  • 67 semituned instruments.
  • 47 (55 for K3) extra patches where the samples are twisted and warped with their granular synthesis engine.

Prepared Rhodes for Battery 3 and Kontakt 3 includes both formats for $19.99 USD. A free demo version can be found here.

Zvon notes:

The soundfont version has also been updated and now has 43 programs instead of 21, including 38 semituned instruments (double of the previous version). The sf2 version costs $13.99 and also includes the wav files. So people who only want the wav files should buy this package.

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