Lese has announced the release of a new reverb plugin with a twist of the Lese philosophy. A reflection processing multi-tool, Eigen allows you to build a custom room using length, width and height parameters, put your source and listener at particular places inside, and define the material construction of the room for an immediate and accurate response.

Created through leveraging Lese’s upcoming Impulse technologies, Eigen (a͡ɪ-ɡˈɛn) is able to perform three distinct functions, split into three different modes: Play, Render, and Analyze. 

These three modes are able to perform a selection of different “space-aware” processes; Play does accurate early reflection processing in real-time, Render computes high-quality reverb impulse responses for you to use in convolution reverbs (or in Eigen itself, if you want), and Analyse checks your virtual space to see how sound resonates against it.

Eigen features

  • Multidimensional object position controller: Drag on one of three axis and switch the active axis with the selector on the right.
  • Alternatively, control the positions with a more conventional set of dimension sliders.
  • Early reflections processing; up to 7 reflections deep (with acoustic bouncing simulation).
  • Sound propagation toggling option for removing initial delay from both early reflections processing & high-quality render system.
  • Render early reflections up to 40 bounces deep in the offline impulse response render mode.
  • Preview your impulse response with the “Convolution” toggle button.
  • Save your impulse responses for external use.
  • Vectorized, resizable interface.

Eigen for Windows and Mac (VST3 and AU) is available for the introductory price of $40 USD until February 13th, 2023 (regular $65 USD).

More information: Lese