Linear Audio has announced a virtual instrument for the iPad featuring a collection of sounds from a vintage D-series synthesizer by Roland.

Linear Player is a 16 parts music instrument based on samples from iconic synthesizers from 80s (FM and Linear A), with great low end, long samples and realistic keyboard.

Linear Player features

  • Stunning visuals and response based on real keys pictures, near full/5-octave display.
  • Contains sounds of the late ’80s, created using advanced 4-operator FM and Linear synthesis from an underrated D-series synth.
  • Samples of up to 30 seconds in length to capture the original filter and low end.
  • MIDI support.
  • IAA (Inter Application Audio) support, AUv3 soon.
  • Low CPU usage.

The free version with a few sounds is available to download from the App Store. The full Pro library with 32 presets (820 MB) is available for $0.99 USD as an in-app purchase.