Live Workflow Tools has announced the release of its first Max for Live device. Auto Track Colors aims to be a game-changer for session productivity and organization.

Live Workflow Tools Auto Track Colors

Auto Track Colors helps you keep your Sessions properly color coded, without having to do anything other than naming your Tracks. The Keywords you assign to custom colors will automatically be updated on your Tracks.

Just add the Device to your Session, take the initial Preset to get started or use your own Keywords + Colors and get organized 🙂

Auto Track Colors features

  • Link multiple Custom Keywords to custom Colors.
  • Tracks in your Project are updated automatically.
  • Multiple Color + Keyword Combinations can be saved as Ableton Live Presets.
  • Re-Color all Tracks manually with the Re-Color All Tracks Button.
  • Turn Auto Updating the Colors of created Tracks on or off.
  • Extreme light CPU Usage. Won’t conflict with your Sessions Performance.
  • Toggle Case Sensitive Matching On and Off.

The device is available for purchase for $9 USD.

More information: Live Workflow Tools