Touchpad 2 Midi has a new freebie out.

Touchpad 2 Midi is a free VST plugin for Windows that allows you to use the touchpad on your laptop as a midi controller.

The touchpad can be configured as an XY pad, 4 sliders or 4 buttons.
At the moment only Synaptics touchpads are supported but support for USB touchpads is planned.

Touchpad2Midi works as a MIDI plugin in these hosts:

  • Energy XT
  • Plogue Bidule
  • Jeskola Buzz
    use Polac wrapper, connect to master, use right click menu to route midi
  • Cubase
    load in instrument list – shows as midi input device
  • Tracktion
    works on one track only, consider standalone

Standalone operation required with Ableton Live and Renoise.

Visit for more information.