LiveSlice v1.47 has released version 1.47 of LiveSlice, an advanced beat slicer instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in LiveSlice v1.47

  • REX import.
  • Resizable file browser.
  • Faster GUI and a new “lofo GUI” for smooth operation on older machines.
  • Improved waveform display: visualizes both the average and the loudest frequency so there’s a visual difference between a bassdrum with or without hihat – even when the hihat is quiet.
  • More midi automation options: slicing and recording can now be controlled by midi (for example: hit a midi-key to record, use mod-wheel to auto slice the recording).
  • Time signature support, durations in bars + beats in both slicer and arranger.
  • clicking the “play” button now results in a monophonic preview mode (play one arrangement at a time, select the currently playing arrangement with the mouse).
  • Loops list no longer auto-scrolls on click.
  • Removed the “clear event” feature (there’s no need to have empty events in an arrangement).
  • Middle mouse now deletes events if no parameter is selected, and resets parameters if a parameter is selected.
  • New option to reset event parameters by clicking and dragging with middle mouse button down.
  • Various bug fixes.

LiveSlice is available for 49.95 EUR.

Visit for more information.