Longcat H3D

Longcat has released H3D, a 3D audio spatialization effect for Windows.

The H3D plugin allows you to 3D mix audio tracks from your digital audio software (Cubase, Nuendo, Live…) and to obtain incredible spatialization effects. Sounds then seem to come from every possible direction, using standard audio headphones.

H3D features

  • H3D_3dView3D object-audio mixing – use the 3D interface to place and easily animate sounds.
  • Longcat Audio H3D technology – when listening on headphones, H3D allows panning sound in 3D all around the listener’s head.
  • Unique HRTF processing – H3D uses Longcat own processed HRTF filters in order to achieve the best spatialization effects.
  • H3D Presence – independently adjust H3D’s immersion effect using the Presence parameter.
  • Automation – fully automate parameters and 3D animation of audio tracks.
  • No tedious settings – Just insert H3D plugins and start moving sounds in 3D.

H3D for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 99 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: Longcat / H3D