Loomer Shift

Loomer has announced the release of Shift, a diatonic granular pitch shifter and delay effect, for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Shift is a real-time diatonic granular pitch shifting and delay effect. It has three independent, true stereo, delay lines, each with their own transposition and delay controls, which can be combined to build complex delay structures such as ping-pong delays or harmonized chord echoes.

Shift features

  • Three independant true stereo delay lines.
  • Retro granular pitch shifting sound.
  • Pitch shift each delay line by up to an octave up or down, with semitone transposition and finely grained cent detune controls.
  • Three modes for each delay line: Chromatic, Recursive, and Diatonic.
  • Diatonic pitch tracking for monophonic audio sources.
  • Modulation LFO with independent time and pitch modulation controls for each delay line.
  • MIDI Learn for hardware control of all parameters.

Shift is available for Windows, Mac and Linux for £35 GBP. An evaluation is available for free download.

More information: Loomer