Loopcloud has announced an update to its DRUM virtual instrument included with all Loopcloud subscriptions.

Part of Loopcloud’s integrated plugin suite, the versatile 16-pad percussion instrument and sequencer designed to help you to lay down unique rhythms and patterns to build upon in your tracks now comes with over 1,000 free included sounds.

With the addition of Intro II Drums, you can build DRUM kits from 500 fresh one-shots, or customize kits with your own kicks, claps and snares. The handy randomize function helps you create new kits with ease.

Ever look at an empty project in your DAW and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. If beat block is getting in the way of your music-making, open up DRUM. Its innovative Randomiser feature instantly shuffles up all the one-shots in your account, including any one-shots you’ve added to your Loopcloud library from your own collection, to create one-of-a-kind kits.

If you’re not feeling the kit on your first try, just click again and watch and as the randomiser rebuilds kits on the fly, swapping snares for snares, kicks for kicks, and crashes for crashes.

DRUM is included with the fully-featured free 30-day Loopcloud trial, and with all Loopcloud subscriptions.

More information: Loopcloud