Loopcloud has announced that its plugin suite has been upgraded to help you build unique drums in seconds.

Taking pro‑quality beats and melodies to new heights, Loopcloud DRUM and Loopcloud PLAY have been streamlined and improved to give music producers the tools to capture and create inspiration quickly.

Loopcloud DRUM has been enhanced with an intuitive workflow, instant kit generator, versatile export options, and more.

When inspiration hits, you’ve got to grab it whilst you can. DRUM’s intelligent kit generator creates fresh ideas and unique kits with every click. Simply set an instrument per pad, click ‘Generate kit’, and 16 pads are instantly filled. Add elements as you go by searching and previewing samples in real-time, locking the pads you like as you keep pressing ‘Generate kit’ to hear more options. DRUM works with any sample, whether it’s loaded from Loopmasters’ vast collection or your personal library.

Loopcloud PLAY lets you explore an endless gallery of genre-focused sounds in an intelligent, easy-to-use interface. The playable instrument full of pro-quality sounds designed for out-of-the-box creativity comes with innovative effects that explore new sonic realms.

DRUM and PLAY come with all Loopcloud subscription plans, available from £5.99 GBP / 6.99 EUR / $7.99 USD per month. A free 30-day trial is also available.

More information: Loopcloud