Loopmasters has released a new sample pack that taps into one of the most prolific and relevant sounds in modern pop music. The royalty free Afro Dancehall pack contains everything you’ll need to produce top-tier Afro Dancehall music, with vocals, basslines, orchestral loops and much more.

Afro Dancehall weighs in at 962 MB, packed with a perfect blend of beautiful musicality and dance-ready sonics.

The included vocals were recorded with a focus on memorability and catchiness, ready to take your beats to the next level instantly. Staggered drum loops will give you instant dancehall vibes, with a mixture of slow, grooving patterns and upbeat four-to-the-floor beats giving you plenty of range for your rhythm sections.

Lush marimbas, phat brass, thick electric pianos and much more are all inside, ready and waiting to kickstart your next classic.

The sample pack costs £29.95 GBP, with parts sold starting from £6.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters