Loopmasters DJ Mix Tools 11 Trance V1

Loopmasters has released DJ Mix Tools 11 – Trance Vol. 1, a new title in the Mix Tools series of sample packs created by some of the most respected producers in the scene.

DJ MIXTOOLS TRANCE Vol1 gives you four tracks delicious Trance sounds, mixed and mastered into club ready track elements. Labels like AJUNABEATS and ARMADA have inspired Dino Psaras and Marc Adamo in creating these awesome DJ Tracks, as well as inspiring DJs to experiment with stems and lock grooves and to re-define the art of DJ mix.

The four tracks in this pack are designed to be equally effective as single elements to enhance a mix, or to work together both in terms of tempo and in terms of musical key and feature progressive grooves, bass and synth parts which evolve throughout the mix as well as massive effects drops, breakdowns and builds.

DJ Mix Tools 11 – Trance Vol. 1 is available to purchase as a download for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / DJ Mix Tools – Trance V1