Loopmasters has released a collection of high quality, original and diverse sound tools for Reason by Push Button Bang.

The Refill features over 1250 powerful, easy to use Cominbators for every conceivable purpose. When used in conjunction with the massive patch library, you can customise each combinator and make a unique sound within seconds.

Thousands of patches for every machine in Reason ensure you can create sounds and devices that are totally yours, giving your music an unmatched, individual sound. Infinite Element contains a simply breath-taking array of Combinator sound sources, ranging from focused and specific instruments to evolving “songs in a box” with realtime controls.

Infinite Element features

  • 4595 Patches
  • 3777 WAV samples
  • 1290 Combinator patches
  • 801 Malstrom patches
  • 680 NNXT patches
  • 224 Redrum patches
  • 300 REX patches
  • 700 Subtractor patches
  • 600 Thor patches

Infinite Element is available as a Reason 4 ReFill for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters