Loopmasters has introduced a new sample pack by Emika, who has spent the last decade at the cutting-edge of electronic and experimental electronics, counting iconic musicians such as Thom Yorke of Radiohead and The Weeknd amongst her major supporters.

Producers Sounds includes a total of 1.1GB of sounds and loops, spanning Emika’s work from neo-classic orchestras to Berlin techno, specially tailored for ambitious and open-minded producers.

Initially emerging with a fresh, radical take on the evolution of dubstep, but whose uncategorizable journey has led the UK-born artist of Czech heritage through Hip Hop, IDM and Classical categories.

Such range and diversity make Emika a perfect fit for this exclusive Loopmasters pack, thoughtfully curated and hand-engineered, recorded in flawless 44,1Khz sonic quality. From poetic vocal lines drenched in reverb, throbbing and seductive basslines, glitching and fizzy beats to haunting and melodic harmonies, each of Emika’s myriad pursuits and styles are represented.

Describing music as an “imprint of my soul”, Emika’s diverse and inspiring pack is ideal for generating new textural and rhythmic ideas or completing your work-in-progress productions with additional detail.

The sample pack is priced £29.95 GBP. Parts are also sold separately starting from £8.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters