Organic Loops has launched the second volume of Real Strings Dark Moods, a deep and brooding selection of rich and intricate live recorded string loops.

Organic Loops Real Strings Dark Moods Vol 2

The ‘Real Strings’ collection has become synonymous with quality recordings and this brand new collection of Dark Brooding String Ensembles does not fail to deliver. Real Strings Dark Moods Vol2 is the perfect string sample collection for moody electronic genres looking for additional drama but it is also a natural companion for any composer looking to score music for television or film and has the ability to will tug at your emotions, and make your productions come alive.

Scored and performed by Real Stings Pete Whitfield, Dark Moods 2 delivers 2.43 GB of loops with Solo and Ensemble versions featuring a wealth of live Cello and Violin recordings, in 24 bit clarity. You’ll find 480 Loops in total, with all the nuances captured in Staccato Loops, Melodies, Slides, Tremolos, Arpeggios, Slides, Trills and more.

You’re sure to feel the rich, organic resonances and harmonics from the moment you play the first loop. With tempos ranging from 140-180BPM, Real Strings Dark Moods 2 is aimed at high octane genres including Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass and Jungle. If you are a fan of the first instalment, Real Stings Dark Moods 1, this second volume is a must!

Real Strings Dark Moods 2 features

  • 2.42 GB content, 24bit/44.1kHz quality.
  • Includes 96 string pad loops, 96 string staccato loops, 92 string melody loops, 92 string pulsing loops, 36 string tremolo loops, 16 string arp loops, 12 string slide loops, 8 string trill loops, 8 string run loopsd, 8 string harmonic loops, 8 low string loops, 4 string accent loops, 4 string picato loops.
  • 482 REX2 files.

Real Strings Dark Moods Vol. 2 is available from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Organic Loops / Real Strings Dark Moods