Plugin Boutique has announced a September Sale on Loot Audio, offering discounts of up to 86% off on its sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Discover authentic orchestral instruments, guitars, pianos, creative sound design libraries, and vintage synth emulations.

The offer includes:

  • Vektor unique stringed based cinematic Kontakt instrument that sets a new standard for creating anything from dramatic epic cues to beautiful minimal tracks.
  • Aleatoric Metamorphic Movement multi-voiced textural Kontakt instrument that makes use of contemporary sound-shaping methods, bringing gritty atmospheric sampling into the modern era.
  • The Ronroco belongs to the family of the Charangos, a typical South-American instrument. This virtual instrument was created by film composer Guillermo Guareschi.
  • BOCS (Boards Of Canada Synthesis) is a Kontakt library inspired by the electronic duo Boards of Canada.
  • Trails custom made collection of intense, dark and sometimes beautiful trailer sound effects, featuring the expert sound design skills of Ergo Kukke.
  • Retcon – Boards Of Canada Synthesis advanced sound design tool designed for the modern ambient and cinematic composer in mind.
  • Blossom is inspired by old tapes in the attic, the golden age of analog synths worn down by the hands of time and a true love of pushing the boundaries of what analog can do.
  • GAS (Guitar Analog Synthesis) hybrid Kontakt synthesizer fusing together six-string electric guitars and analog modular effects.
  • Invasors incredibly versatile analog-inspired synthesizer created for power-users, synth-heads, producers and sound-designers.
  • Chordscape ambient infinite tape playback machine designed to create evolving modulated dark ambient soundscapes but can be used for all sorts of different sound design scenarios.
  • Helios brings advanced textures, pulses and ambiences by combining two sound sources and rhythmically swap between each sound or create rich evolving soundscapes with gradual modulation.
  • Fameboy classic lo-fi drum synthesizer propelled into the modern age for the professional music producers of today.

Prices start from only $5 USD. The offer is valid through September 30th, 2021.

More information: Loot Audio