Puremagnetik has just released an advanced sound design workstation inspired by musique concrète, microsound and other pioneering sound technologies of the past several decades.

Built on the powerful, open-source sound computation language Csound, Lore Experimental Sound Console combines spectral and granular engines along with several other features designed to unleash the power of microsonic resynthesis.

Lore isn’t simply a synth or effect but a crowd-funded, continuously updated environment for manipulating and processing sounds. Currently, Lore functions as a granular and spectral processor that opens as a plugin in a host like Ableton Live or Logic.

Lore dissects audio into tiny particles that can be stretched, spectrally delayed and surgically altered on very specific frequency bands. From there everything can be modulated for dynamically shifting, constantly-evolving sound sculptures.

Lore is an open-source project, developed by Puremagnetik artist and lead developer Micah Frank and supported by monthly patrons. Much of Puremagnetik’s development for the past several years has culminated into experimental sound processing tools. Lore absorbs these tools into a flagship, modular environment.

Available freely from Github, Lore can be compiled on your own. Puremagnetik is also offering Lore as a plugin (VST/AU) for patrons of the project.

Updates are consistently being added and each month you will get new features as Lore develops. You can keep whatever you download even if you decide to no longer support the project.

More information: Puremagnetik