Lucky Frame Mujik

Lucky Frame has announced the release of Mujik, an iPhone application for making music in a fun, accessible, and intuitive way.

Mujik uses a revolutionary graphical approach that invites players to explore world of sound.

The simple and charming interface allows the user to make their own personalised music quickly and easily. By picking books off a shelf, flipping them open, and chasing the dust mites across the page the music becomes your own – or just float away on a sonic balloon!

Lucky Frame is an Edinburgh-based company that received critical acclaim with the Wii LoopMachine, creative music software for the Wii remote, which was featured on BBC Dragons’ Den, as well as magazines, newspapers, and television programs around the world.

The same approach that made the LoopMachine special has been applied to Mujik. Lucky Frame founder Yann Seznec says “Most music software is very intimidating and hard to use – we believe that doesn’t have to be the case! We make fun tools that anyone can use to make their own music. Mujik is unlike anything our there – it’s adorable, engaging, and musical. It encourages you to explore and discover the features and quirks. It’s not rocket science, it’s just fun.”

Lucky Frame has been supported by the British Council, where Yann was a finalist for the UK Young Music Entrepreneur Award, NESTA, which awarded Yann a Starter for 6 award, Edinburgh Pre-Incubator Scheme (EPIS) at the University of Edinburgh, and Scottish Institute for Enterprise.

Mujik is available through the iTunes store, and will be free for a limited time.

More information: Lucky Frame