Luftrum has announced the release of a brand new sound library by Sonic Underworld for the Omnisphere 2.6 virtual instrument by Spectrasonics.

Enigma features 400 patches that are designed to effortlessly weave a path through your next globe-hopping political drama, clandestine suspense thriller or cyberpunk dystopia.

Definitively modern, Enigma eschews the normal conventions of under-scoring for something truly unique and electronic.

Pulsing arps will propel you through a web of shadowy pads, while gripping electro-percussion keeps tabs on the time. Muscular bass will under-pin your compositions, while defiant plucks and tense keys sizzle with inexplicable electricity. Exhilarating transition effects peal back the layers to reveal brooding darkweb soundscapes. Combined, these elements weave a digital tail unhindered by normal conventions.

Enigma pays homage to the works of Mac Quayle (Mr. Robot, Ratchet), Cliff Martinez (The Neon Demon, Only God Forgives), Marc Canham (I Care A Lot) and artists in the vein of Robot Koch and Oneohtrix Point Never.

All patches are categorized and have modwheel and velocity assignments for fuller expression, as well as aftertouch where applicable.

Enigma is available for purchase for $79 USD. Use promo code REKKERD at the checkout to get a 10% discount on any purchase at the Luftrum store.

More information: Luftrum