M-Audio has announced that it is partnering with Avid to offer the world-renowned DAW Pro Tools | First and software bundle of virtual instruments compatibility with their line of CTRL, Code, Oxygen, Hammer, Axiom AIR mini and Keystation USB/MIDI keyboard controllers, and M-Track Series of audio interfaces.

In addition, the Eleven Lite plugin, with over 20 high-quality guitar amp, and effect models is now standard on the M-Audio C-Series line of audio interfaces. Together, they give artists and producers a nearly unlimited range of creative and versatile options with the most recognized DAW, and incredibly realistic virtual instruments and effects.

M-Audio has paired their unequalled studio hardware with an amazing DAW, crafting a software bundle that fits the needs of a diverse range of musicians, producers, engineers, and content creators. Since everyone’s production styles are different and unique, M-Audio has carefully picked unique bundles for all of their hardware that includes Pro Tools | First and packaged it with some of the most powerful virtual instruments, and effects. Users will get all the sounds they’re looking for, all in one spot.

For their M-Track C-Series line of audio interfaces, M-Audio has also added the Eleven Lite plugin, with over 20 high-quality guitar amp, and effect models, Xpand!2 a multi-timbral workstation, Mini-Grand, a premium recreation of a Grand piano, and Strike, an expressive drum instrument and arranger.

They’ve also added Pro Tools | First compatibility to a range of virtual instruments for their line of keyboard controllers, with Velvet, a VI that combines some of the most sought-after electric pianos from the 60s and 70s into one instrument. Also included is compatibility with Hybrid 3, a virtual synth that enables users to manipulate virtual analog sounds with ease, Loom, an additive synth for creating lush sounds and textures, and also with Vacuum Pro, a polyphonic analog synth with a vacuum tube modeling circuit. Combined with Pro Tools | First, this software lineup is unbeatable.

“We’re very excited to add Pro Tools | First to all of our M-Audio hardware,” said Chris Parlon, Project Manager for M-Audio. He added, “At M-Audio, we strive to make professional recording simple, and I’m sure our customers will be excited by this addition.”

The new software is available with M-Audio equipment as of February 2018.
Existing M-Audio hardware users can add the new software to their equipment by visiting the M-Audio website.

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