MAAT Labs has announced the introduction of its second generation FiDef JENtwo professional audio software. The new product is the culmination of a seven–year journey to bring a fundamentally new and novel tool for audio enhancement to wider audiences.

In close collaboration with FideliQuest Incorporated, FiDef JENtwo is a 64 bit audio plugin that provides a unique psychoacoustic addition to any audio content, including speech, music and effects.

FiDef JENtwo enhances and elevates, without altering 1770 Loudness or power spectrum, by acting directly on the listener’s subconscious. FiDef JENtwo’s minimalist user interface belies the underlying complexity. Grounded firmly in experimentation and analysis, FiDef technology can increase definition and detail, soundstage width and depth and, most importantly, the emotional engagement of the listener.

The late pro audio master Al Schmitt fell in love with FiDef on first listen. Schmitt has since been joined by a distinguished group of top flight endorsers, including Elliot Scheiner, Frank Filipetti, and the late Ed Cherney. Multi–award winning owner of TL Mastering, Tim Lengfeld enjoys FiDef’s ability to create analog tape “warmth” without audible noise. “FiDef kind of feels like the missing link between ITB and outboard processing has been found.” Friedemann Tischmeyer, mastering engineer and Managing Director of MAAT Labs and an early proponent of FiDef, doesn’t mince words when discussing the new product. “If you dislike what you cannot rationalize, you are actually going to hate FiDef. However; if you trust your ears and, more importantly, you trust your ability for emotional listening and your client’s ears, you are going to love FiDef JENtwo!”

Jayson Tomlin, the visionary inventor of FiDef, possesses an inquisitive nature and won’t accept received wisdom at face value. With the help of a physicist colleague and a doctor of neuroscience, their search for the source of live music’s excitement led to the creation of the unconventional process. FiDef triggers cerebral activity analogous to how the brain responds to live performances. This is induced by selective subliminal signals injected into the recording that trigger specific brain activity in the listener. The supplemental content is sub-audible as it is “masked,” being below the level of conscious perception when played at normal volume. “FiDef allows listeners to relax,” Tomlin states, “and be swept away as though it were the first time hearing their favorite artist…What makes FiDef special is its chameleon–like abilities. Depending on setting, it can produce a range of experiences, from perceived changes in amplitude, spectral balance and soundstage to directed focus on a particular element or aspect — all without any actual changes to the mix.” Instead, it operates directly on the listener’s auditory system.

FiDef JENtwo for Windows and Mac is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats. A perpetual license is priced $129 USD.

More information: MAAT Labs