Ghosthack has introduced its latest sample pack Machinist – Industrial Sound FX, featuring a selection of deep and memorable industrial soundscapes that aim to make producing tension and suspense through Industrial music easier.

This pack brings together guitar, orchestral strings, synths and cinematic sound design to deliver a mix of styles and timbres that culminate in a dizzying and electrifying intensity. The music you make with these sounds will add a definite edge to any scene.

This unique blend of Industrial music brings some fun energy and excitement to any mix and with 1.03GB of content to explore, there are plenty of interesting combinations to deliver. The pulse-style basslines, immersive drones, alluring suck backs and ear-grabbing SFX bring a definitive cinematic quality to the more traditional Industrial landscape. It’s one of those packs that straddles two different worlds and most certainly delivers a value far greater than the sum of its parts.

With Fearless – Action Sound FX, Ghosthack delivers over 1.5GB of the intense, relentless, and iconic sounds you would expect from big feature films and high-quality television.

Featuring musical, percussion and pulse loops, as well as an incredible selection of one-shot basses, drones, impacts, percussion, risers, synths, hits and whooshes. And don’t forget the clocks! The ticking of a clock adds a special kind of tension and anticipation unique to the fast-paced world of action and adventure.

Lastly, Countdown – Suspense Sound FX offers up 1.7GB of intense cinematic sounds that are designed to drive your audience to the edge of their seats.

Hard-hitting drums and FX, gripping musical motifs, outstanding sound design and more. Introducing Countdown – Suspense Sound FX, our newest collection aims to help you deliver the dramatic action sequences and riveting, suspenseful moments that audiences want. Featuring over 1.7GB professionally produced vocals, suck backs, impacts, foley, drones, hits, risers, percussion, Braams, driving bass synths and even supporting MIDI files to help bring your own sounds into the themes quickly.

The sample packs are on sale for the intro price of 34 EUR each for a limited time (regular 49.95 EUR). Prices incl. VAT.

More information: Ghosthack