Madrona Labs has introduced version 1.3.0 of its Aalto semi-modular software synthesizer with an innovative, patchable UI, distinctive sounds, and a charming personality.

The 1.3 release of Aalto, the patchable synthesizer from Madrona Labs, is now available. With its innovative UI, distinctive sounds, and unique personality, Aalto is designed to help you make expressive new sounds with ease.

Veteran producers, modular fanatics, and neophytes alike have been praising Aalto for its sound quality and usability since its release. Now, in response to a year of user feedback and extensive testing, Aalto 1.3 has many new features and a few important bug fixes.

Changes in Aalto v1.3.0

  • Redesigned, rewritten, vector-based, smoothly resizeable UI.
  • DSP optimizations.
  • Fixed key stealing in Ableton Live.
  • Fixed Fxpansion RTAS wrapper compatibility.
  • Improved dial / mouse wheel ballistics.
  • Fixed Logic noise burst bug of doom.
  • Sync by ratios to host sequencer.
  • Soundplane/t3d support over with auto-detect MIDI/OSC switch.
  • Added MIDI program change automation.
  • Store window location / num / anim prefs with saved data, not patch.
  • Fix startup / shutdown issues affecting Max/MSP, Reaper.
  • KEY: added two MIDI modulation outputs.
  • KEY: rearranged knobs for Soundplane/t3d switch.
  • SEQ: added random sequence button.
  • SEQ: added steps signal input.
  • SEQ: allow fine delay time changes in steps of 0.1.
  • ENV: increased attack, decay ranges.
  • ENV2: added delay, attack signal inputs.
  • LFO: add level signal input.
  • OSCILLATOR: fix linear pitch input range.
  • Patcher: fixed sticky signal displays.
  • Patcher: display bipolar signals as absolute.

Aalto for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $99 USD. Aalto 1.3 is a free upgrade for licensed Aalto owners.

More information: Madrona Labs / Aalto