Majetone has released a new drum library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Recorded in a London studio on a Neve 8058 with classic mics and 31102 preamps, Kensal Drums features the sounds of a 1970s Hayman drum kit with a Ludwig 400 snare.

Mics used include: Neumann Fet u47, Neumann KM84i, Coles 4038, Sennheiser MD441 and a late 70s Hondo with microphonic pickups.

Processed through an Korg Ms 20 (2 ways – overdriven & driving the filter). This instrument can go from clean to gritty and anything in between. Useful for layers, reinforcing or realistic programming.

The Kontakt library includes multi velocity one shot samples. It features 5 round robins and up to 7 velocity layers.

Kensal Drums is available from Majetone for £20 GBP.