Majken Chimera v1.0

Majken has released Chimera, an experimental synth that uses subtractive synthesis in a new way.

White noise is sent through a series of narrow bandpass filters which are controlled by pitch. The filtered noise is used as resonant sinewaves to create pads, atmospheres, organs and percussive sounds. In other words, everything you hear from Chimera is white noise being filtered into music – in realtime.


  • noise generators, filtered through resonant bandpassfilters
  • 3 modulation envelopes
  • 3 lfo’s with cross modulation
  • amplitude envelopes
  • built in effects featuring delay and distortion
  • 50 built in presets divided into Pads/Melodical/Atmospheres/Percussive

Chimera is a living, breathing organism. Think of it like an acoustic instrument, like a saxophone. Two notes will never sound the same on a saxophone and there’s only a certain range of sounds that a saxophone can make. The same is true for Chimera.

Chimera is freeware and can be downloaded from Majken‘s website.