Major League Audio releases MajorLeagueSounds Volume 1

Major League Audio MajorLeagueSounds Volume 1

Major League Audio has announced the release of MajorLeagueSounds Volume 1, a collection of drum samples.

Drums are a key element in music production these days. Listen to all the chart-topping songs, they all have something in common: banging drums.

There are a lot of aspiring producers on the internet these days, but we’re tired of hearing beats with great potential ruined by below-average drums. With this kit, you won’t need to worry about that anymore, we’ve got you covered!

MajorLeagueSounds Volume 1 features

  • Over 300 samples, including 100 Kicks, 58 Snares, 50 Claps, 34 Hats and Cymbals, 15 Toms, 60 Percs.
  • Recorded with top quality recording gear like Digidesign Control 24 with Digi Converters, Neve 8801 Channel Strip, TLaudio Ivory Compressor, TC electronic Reverb.
  • Sound sources include vintage drum machines like the Roland 606, Akai XE-8, Yamaha RX5.

MarjorLeagueSounds Volume 1 is available to purchase for $29.99 USD.

More information: Major League Audio

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I bought this pack just yesterday, someone recommended me this drum kit… damn, those are banging drums. I was in a huge producer’s block, and it inspired me right away, I made 2 beats in an hour with it haha… The kit is pretty cheap too, just 30 bucks. Definately a great buy

Did anybody else buy it? What did you think?

Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

I downloaded the free demo kit and was far from impressed! I basically have every possible kick drum that nearly exist. I have a crap-load of other drums as well. They’re better sounding IMO.

Nothing stood out about these drums. The claps are simply stacked sounds tuned differently, etc..

You can do the same thing yourself. Try combining, eq’ing & tuning your drums in various combination’s. Simply tuning the drums higher or lower makes a dramatic difference on the flavor you get. But, if these inspire you… then keep buying their drums.


To me those are great samples! Demo is kinda “poor” but whole pack is good.
Claps are fantastic!