Mandium has launched with a new brand of electric guitars and basses made in France, using the casting process.

Mandium guitars

Manufactured in the art metal foundry JLB Création, the bodies of the Mandium® electric guitars and basses are authentic castings.

A very old know-how but innovative to manufacture a guitar, which gives to the instrument an unprecedented echo and offers near-unlimited design possibilities.

In order to support the production and the sales development of it’s first range, Mandium® starts a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on the 15th of march.

The campaign objective is to raise 90,000 EUR, necessary to guarantee a larger-scale production and to bring the products to the market. Backers can pledge to receive various rewards, including a Mandium guitar with a chrome finish at the “Super Early bird” price of 1,900 EUR.

More information: Kickstarter campaign