Plugin Boutique has announce an exclusive sale on the Manic Compressor effect plugin by Boz Digital Labs, offering 80% off for a limited time only.

As long as the world is on double secret probation and serving indefinite detention, there’s no reason why our music should suffer too. I’m bringing the after-school fun with a sale on one of the best and brightest: Manic Compressor!

Manic Compressor features

  • Six compressors in one, each with different response to input signal and unique character.
  • Settings are retained when switching between compressors for easy comparison.
  • Comprehensive tone- and character-shaping controls.
  • Three-position “Beef” switch changes response to input signal.
  • Separate wet, dry, and master faders for true parallel compression.
  • “Loud Relief” allows natural dynamic response at extreme settings.
  • Dual EQ sections for sidechain control and tone shaping.

Regularly $149 USD, the plugin is on sale for $29 USD until March 13th, 2021.

More information: Boz Digital Labs