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Manytone Music has announced a special Birthday/Halloween discount for October.

Paul Brown writes:

It’s my Birthday October 14th and I turn 44. It is also Halloween on the 31st which is one of my favorite special occasions.

So, We decided to offer a special Birthday/Halloween deal. It’s the best price we have ever offered on a few of the ManyTone products so please have a look.

Manytone offers 44% off the regular price of their products until October 31st 2008.

Birthday/Halloween discounts

  • ManyBass Bundle – Regular $179.95. Get it now for $100.77
  • ManyBass – Regular $139.95. Get it now for $78.37
  • ManyGuitar – Regular $99.95. Get it now for $55.97
  • ManyStation – Regular $99.99. Get it now for $55.99
  • ManyOne – Regular $49.95. Get it now on sale for 50%off – $24.95
  • Upright Bass or Electric/Acoustic Bass or Ultimate Bass Kit – Regular $29.95 each. Get them now for $16.77 each.
  • Fretless Bass – Regular $59.95. Get it for $33.57

To get these prices you need to use the special purchase links on the Manytone homepage (it is the only page with these special priced links).

Visit Manytone Music for more information.